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 Fourm Rules

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PostSubject: Fourm Rules   Fourm Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 01, 2010 8:20 pm

Default Forum Regulations

These are subject to being adjusted later on, so please check the rules daily.

* No spamming/flooding the forum. - Flooding the forum is where you make the same thread over and over again, in different sections. Spamming is where you're posting useless, irrevelent and flammatory posts around the forum.

* No advertising other private servers. - The keyword in this rule is private server, posting links or redirecting others to other private servers isn't allowed.

* No posting porngraphic websites/links or content - Posting pornograpic websites/links or content isn't allowed. this includes posting the name as well.

* No discrimination. - Discrimination isn't allowed, posting hateful comments, racial slur terms or bashing another person's religious beliefs isn't allowed. Racial jokes aren't allowed either.

* Flaming/Baiting. - Please don't flame other members of the board, if someone's flaming you then contact a forum moderator to report them and the comments will be removed and the person will receive their punishment.

* Evading Ban - If your main account is banned, and you re-create another account to evade it, then the ban time of your main account will be extended and all alt accounts will be permanently banned.

* Trolling - flaming, posting off-topic messages continuously, disregarding the rules of the forum will result in you being banned immediately as we now have a zero tolerance policy against trolling in the community.

If anyone breaks the rules, please be sure to report it to a moderator and they'll take care of it. Don't take it into your own hands and try to handle it, and end up flaming or breaking a rules too. REPORT!
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Fourm Rules
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